These days we do everything on our phones. That includes banking. Mobile banking is a free, convenient way to keep up with your finances.

 Here are five great reasons to download your bank’s mobile app.

24/7 Banking

There are no hours of operation or brick and mortar requirements on your smartphone. With most mobile banking apps -- including the RiverWind app -- customers can check their account balance, move money between accounts, set up automatic bill pay, deposit checks, and more at their convenience, 24/7, wherever they are. 

No more paper

Don’t want to get bank statements in the mail? No problem!

With mobile banking, customers no longer need to receive junk mail from their bank. Not only is it good for the trees, it’s safer, because you’re no longer having to toss away potentially sensitive information into the trash.


Mobile banking makes it so easy to have complete control over your finances. You can monitor your balances and move money between accounts to avoid overdraft fees. With bill pay you can get alerts when it’s time to pay to avoid late fees, or set up recurring bill payments and not have to think about it at all.


Mobile banking is safe and secure. All reputable banks and financial institutions use encryption to safeguard and protect your privacy and identity information on mobile apps.

With the Brella App, if your RiverWind debit card goes missing, you can just turn it off until you find it or until you get a new card! You can also set purchase alerts to prevent fraud as well as balance alerts to keep up with your account.